About Us

Merging Technical Expertise & Business Experience Together

AlphaNagara Sdn. Bhd. integrates foundry, refinery, and manufacturing into various control production lines under a fully integrated manufacturing concept. We produce precious metal hallmark bars and soon minted coins, wafers, and strips, including other customized-related products. As a part of the essential and critical elements of Alpha Nagara, we have developed a comprehensive plan and have established this facility under one roof. We will continue our effort to modernize and upgrade the integrated plant with the latest equipment and machinery to be the best gold refining and manufacturing company in Malaysia.

Apart from precious metal refining and manufacturing, we additionally offer research and development, testing, assaying, and logistic requirements to the industry. These facilities demonstrate how genuine and committed we are to drive the organization's expectation to become a world-class technology precinct.


Placing Manufacturing Facilities under One Roof

At Alpha Nagara, we believe a good product comes from a thorough process. With a combination of predominant technical know-how, mastery and business experience in gold refining and manufacturing, we can refine, produce, process, assay, store and distribute precious metal products in a completely coordinated network cycle throughout the nation.

We have invested significantly in the plant, machinery, facilities, and other resources to ensure we produce the highest quality products with the highest standard of excellence for our valued clients.

Open casting and vacuum casting
Assaying Lab
Fire Assay testing. The most accurate method for gold testing
Aqua Regia Process up to 999.9 purity

Quality Assurance

Because Our Clients are Our Top Priority

The ability to precisely determine the composition of materials has always been essential when working with precious metals. As a reputable precious metal manufacturer, we conduct all assaying, quality control, and certification processes in-house, utilizing our own well-equipped laboratory with state-of-the-art facilities.

We have an in-house laboratory that is well-equipped with the latest state-of-the-art facilities that cater for the following assaying activities, both Destructive and Non-Destructive:

Support & Service
Weighing scales accurate to 4 decimal points for the initial and standard testing of our products.
Fire Assaying Facilities (Destructive)
The cupellation method provide the most accurate analysis.
Purity and Composition (Non-Destructive - X-Ray)
To determine purity and composition with precision ranging from 2 to 5 parts per thousand under optimal conditions..
To detect Tungsten that possesses same density as gold i.e. 19.3 g/cc.
To measure density of gold at 19.3 g/cc.


Market confidence, trust, and reliability are crucial in the industry. To ensure efficient costs and consistent production processes, we have been working meticulously to ensure endless production capacity without compromising quality and logistics. Therefore, this process must be critically integrated with production lines and assaying methods.

We plan to collaborate with authorities and agencies such as SIRIM and the Non-Destructive Gold Assaying Centre to incorporate the best standards and product quality. With a sound and long-standing pedigree in precious metal technology, Alpha Nagara and its partners assess and select the best innovations to supplement current and future market needs.


SIRIM is an organization involved in industrial research and development, as well as standardization. SIRIM is spearheading new areas of technology and innovation to assist the local industry in achieving world-class status and penetrating global markets. As for the development of organizational standards on the fineness of gold refining and hallmarking certification of gold, we plan to collaborate with SIRIM in the following areas:

  • Expertise
  • Consultation
  • Information
  • Drafting of standards
  • Coordinating development standard sessions, research and development and other knowledge-based activities to be mutually agreed upon by the Participants
  • Any other areas of co-operation programs to be mutually agreed upon by the Participants
Non-Destructive Gold Assaying Centre

Non-Destructive Gold Assaying Centre provides assaying and hallmarking services. Introduced in 2014, the Centre plans to become the National Reference Centre for Precious Metal Assaying services with a prominence on non-destructive methods used in the assaying procedures.

The assaying facility tests and certifies precious metal articles using mainly non-destructive methods, accompanied by an assay certificate or Certificate of Authenticity with pertinent information to prove the product's authenticity and integrity.

In line with this, Alpha Nagara issues a "Certificate of Authenticity" that connotes all assayed products' legitimacy and authenticity. It contains information, including the title, purity, weight, serial number, and an authorized signature. These certificates represent a buy-back medium.